31.08.2023 0:20am
still alive still here
drawing, modding, acting silly
usual stuff
wanna start working somewhere and learn to draw at least normally
15.04.2023 5:56pm
ARG has been closed. 5 people have completed it, at least 21 tried.
Pretty cool, ye.
Trying to do some adjustments here and there but nothing really special for now
Just kinda don't know what to add and how.
06.01.2023 1:57am
there's some weird page around here
03.12.2022 1:25am
that /back_in_days page keeps taking quite a while to load properly
also keep trying to write some new stories for that page you maybe didn't even see

there's no point in doing anything but hey, don't give up, okay
it's all going down but maybe
some day
it'll all be okay
im out, ye
13.10.2022 8:29pm
29.07.2022 5:31pm
Still alive
06.04.2022 6:43pm
More pictures, more videos.
Do not attempt to enter 404 page
18.03.2022 02:12am
Alright. Gallery, chat and some cool stuff is done.
I guess I'm gonna upload and update something every few weeks.
Until then I'm off.
17.03.2022 5:32pm
1.5 years and I'm back. Updated everything here. Hope it's cool.
Maybe I'll add something in a few days. Also gonna start making videogame.